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Lunch Menu

Chef’s Soup of the day 6


Romaine lettuce topped with our very own
Creamy roasted garlic dressing, croutons,
bacon bits, and shaved parmigiano 8


Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sundried cranberries,
Sunflower seeds, Roman Bistro Vinaigrette


With shaved parmigiano, fresh oranges
& extra virgin oil


Mixed organic greens, cherry tomato,
marinated mozzarella, on a bed of greens,
topped with shaved parmigiano and olive oil.
Add full Breast of Grilled Chicken 7
Add Grilled Shrimp 8


Arancini Sicilian Or Margherita
Rice balls, meat or veggie served
with rose sauce 8


On a bed of greens served with our
Roman bistro sauce


In a spicy tomato and white wine garlic sauce



Mamma’s homemade & oven baked


Fresh pasta spin wheel filled with fresh
ricotta and spinach, fresh tomato sauce
Alfreddo sauce 18



Penne, Spaghettini, Rigatoni, Gnocchi


Choice of Sauce: Tomato 15 Vodka 16,
Alfreddo 16. Gorgonzola 16
Gluten free pasta available for $2 more
Add Chicken 5 Add Shrimp 8
to any of the above pasta dishes



Lighty breaded and served with tomato sauce 17


Layers of eggplant, mozzarella, parmigiano,
tomato sauce 17


Marinated with fresh herbs, olive oil 16


All Entrees served with choice of
Penne tomato sauce
OR Seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes


Prices subject to change without notice
Groups of 6 or more subject to a
Gratuity charge of 18%



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